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Billy Yang Podcast

Mar 22, 2020

Past guest Justin Grunewald put on his doctor hat for an update on Covid-19 and its affect on the medical front (7:06). Then a long form conversation with Ultrarunner Podcast host Eric Schranz (22:47) to do a deep dive on ultrarunning, Western States, elite women's influence on the younger generation...and much more!


Mar 17, 2020

Brought on several guests (remotely) to chat running and Covid-19. First a conversation with Italy resident Christine Godfrey, race organizer for Sciacce Trail racing (6:14) for a "boots on the ground" report of the country. Then a conversation with elite runner Corrine Malcolm (23:36) about her excellent article posted...

Mar 13, 2020

In lieu of the global news events in the last 24 hours surrounding the Covid-19 aka the Coronavirus, we invited Coach Jason Koop alongside Mario Fraioli for our weekly show to talk about the virus and the impact it's having on running and sporting events around the world.

The Weekly Rundown is typically a Patreon...