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Billy Yang Podcast

Apr 3, 2019

Excited to bring on US/World Mountain Running champ and food aficionado Joe Gray to chat all about his sport, future involvement in ultra running, how he discovered the sport of distance and mountain running, pop culture, MMA/boxing, politics, music and much more!

:: Joe Gray Mt Washington

Mar 18, 2019

On an adventure trip to the Grand Canyon, I had the privilege of sitting down with noted hunter/ultrarunner Cameron Hanes and elite ultrarunner Courtney Dauwalter for a conversation about their Rim 2 Rim 2 Rim adventure in The Canyon (44 miles), about his background in bowhunting and much, much more!

:: Lift/Run/Shoot

Feb 28, 2019

Today we welcome young rising ultrarunners and recent newlyweds Ellie and Tyler Fox on to the show. If you are unfamiliar with them, a few months ago they decided to eschew a conventional life in favor of life on the road living out of their van and their two pets.     

:: #VanLife

:: Ellie Fox 

Feb 13, 2019

We try something new with today's episode with CTS and ultrarunning coach Jason Koop - we involve you by taking your calls and answering your training questions!   

:: Jason Koop's Rice Balls

:: Dean Karnazes 50/50

:: Seinfeld "Tennis Coach" 

Jan 30, 2019

Today I sit down with Jamil Coury - race director of Aravaipa Running, a Salomon athlete, a restauranteur and content creator. We chat over his growing up in Phoenix, how he found ultrarunning, how being a father shifted his priorities, some of the pressures and pitfalls of being a content creator...and much more! We...