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Billy Yang Podcast

Aug 31, 2018

My live conversation with UTMB elite runners Tim Tollefson and Zach Miller from Chamonix. A shakeout run and breakfast/live podcast hosted by BUFF and GU where we discuss the race and much more. 

:: "ZACH | Trailer"


:: "Miller vs. Hawks" 

Aug 18, 2018

My conversation with Rob Krar: a deep dive into his struggles with mental health and depression, stories from coming up in the sport of ultrarunning and much, much more. 

:: "Depressions"

:: Rob Krar Camp

:: Rob Krar on Strava

Jul 25, 2018

My conversation with Dean Leslie: filmmaker/cinematographer best known for his work with Salomon/Red Bull. We chat all about how he got started and the creative process.

:: Wandering Fever

:: "Trail Dog"

:: "Out in the Sierra"


Jul 10, 2018

In a phone conversation, I chat with mountain athlete Joe Grant about his recent unsupported FKT at the Nolan's 14. Hear the play by play of his journey and other mountain adventures.

:: Black Diamond Nolan's Write Up

:: The Cougar at Wonderland

:: Other...

Jul 1, 2018

Hear what happens when a mountain obsessed couple decides to make full-time mountain life possible in the outskirts of LA basin, in a cabin at the base of the San Gabriel Mountains. Also how ultrarunning and pregnancy mix ...and more!

:: "The Choice" by Katie Grossman